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    WOODBLOCK ARTIST        YVONNE HERING             Ph. 0476164637        



I am a Scottish born Australian and have enjoyed making art since I was a child.

From small beginnings I graduated from Art teacher’s College in Brisbane where I won a print competition with my Japanese inspired work before moving on to Qld University in Brisbane, to pursue my academic, artistic career, graduating with honours from the Fine Arts & Classics Departments.


Currently I am enthusiastically pursing my future with wood block printing and have been generously supported by the Cairns Regional Council and RADF funding as well as the Japan Foundation and other Philanthropic bodies.


I currently study with Richard Steiner & Shoichi Kitamura in Kyoto Japan.


I have a Studio in Etty Bay and in Cairns - “Kentocorner Woodblock Studio”.


I have been a secondary Art teacher with the Queensland Department of Education for 34 years and a Japanese Head of Department in the private system for eight.


I first worked and studied Moku Hanga in Amagi-shi for one very satisfying year with Itaru Sano sensei. It was here that I started to teach myself the Japanese language. On my return I consolidated that knowledge by enrolling in Post Graduate Japanese studies via Monash University.

As long as I can remember I have had exhibitions, (Brisbane, Cairns, Tokyo, Regensburg in Germany, Melbourne and Innisfail), participated in Community art events, workshops, taught art in schools and served as a visiting artist on a rural schools’ circuit. Anything to share the love of art with the community.

These days I find woodblock carving and printing a wonderful challenge and enjoy the process immensely. The traditional and contemporary use of wood-blocks is fascinating and I am working towards greater proficiency so that I can establish and manage a Moku Hanga centre here in the North. Keeping the art alive!


I have supported the arts in positions such as President & Vice president of the Innisfail Art Society Inc. and Chairperson  & member of the Cassowary Coast Regional Council RADF Committee. 

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