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Michael C Dircks  b 1950

Artist philosophy: “Do what thou wilt”  Rabelais

A Melbourne maths/science graduate and self taught artist, Michael began drawing at age of 25yrs and went on to study Fine Arts, Design and Printmaking atTAFE colleges in Perth and Cairns

Michael has travelled extensively through Europe and regularly returns to Czech rep (Czechia) where he has resided for over 4yrs. His work is exhibited in public and private galleries and can be found in private collections both here in Aust and overseas His current exhibition takes us on a visual exploration of his creative journey with reflections from the past leading us forward to contemporary notions

His pencil drawings reveal thoughtful observation and reflect earlier formal influences from his fine art studies..the detailed pencil drawings bear witness to the natural world while revealing a deliberate restraint so as to provoke thoughtful contemplation

The inner reserve clearly evident in his drawings is effortlessly balanced by a more spirited and playful unselfconscious style of expressive painting, effortlessly explored in the choice of vibrant and colourful abstract imagery  and form through the use of different media, techniques and symbolic imagery achieved with coloured pencils, acrylic paints, inks and encaustic (wax) media

Michael’s body of work is intended to take us Flaneur-like through a visual exploration of witnessing the experimental adventures of one man’s psyche and emotional passage


EXHIBITONS from 1985 to2020


T G Masarkya Museum Rakovnik CzR

Zatec City Theatre CzR

Auxilium Thetare Teplice CzR

K A Polanka Museum Zatec CzR

Galerie Zeleny Dum (Green House) Praha-Ujzed nad Lesy CzR

Cerveny Hradek ( Red Castle)  Jirkov  CzR

Galerie Pre Prague CzR

Musketyra Restaurant Zatec CzR



Midland Gallery Perth WA

Surrealist/Art Nouveau exhibition Cairns

Other Schools of Thought Contemporary exhibition Cairns

Eye to Eye exhibition Cairns

Postcard show Cairns

Artist’s@work gallery Cairns


Artistic Awards:

Midland (WA) Council of Commerce Award for Art

Bolton (Cairns) Inprint award for Art



Founding member of Kickarts Collective Inc

Cairns Art Society

(+61) 0447 120 658

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