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Cairns Art Society runs two major exhibitions a year for the regional art community:

-  The CAS Annual Art Awards and Exhibition at the Cairns Art Gallery.  Next Awards Exhibition:  3-25 February 2024.

-  The CAS Artists of the North Exhibition at the Tanks Cultural Centre.  Next Exhibition:  10 April 2024 - Sunday 12 May 2024.

Cairns Art Society 17th Artists of the North Exhibition

Artists of the North held in April and early May was a presentation of the talent and formidable skills of regional artists.


Winner of the Future Memories Prize: Jackie Elms with Outback Shack on the road to Ravenswood.

Highly commended:   Lisa Scharf with Burn Off

 and Marita D'Arcy with Fireworks.

Winner of the People's Choice Prize:  Lou Derry's Cumulonimbus 1.

Top ten runners-up:

  Deep Sea Anglerfish by Shane Coleman

  Dad and I by Phil Rooney

   Early Evening Light by Joanne Bingham

  Wild Horses by Christine Young

  Reef by Christine Young

  Pug by Joanne Bingham

  Homeward Bound - Lou Derry

  Days of Wine and Sailing by Vula Austin

  Immaculate Conception by David Belperio

  Translucent Fish by Phil  Rooney

Jacky Elms - road to Ravenswood.jpg

Outback Shack by Jackie Elms

Cumulonimbus 1 by Lou Derry

Rose & Jackie.jpg
Shreejal for Cairns Art Gallery exhibition.jpg
Joanne Bingham - A comfortable Perch.jpg
pic - Pocket 12.jpg
Pic - Kangaroo mob.jpg
Jacky Elms - Wall of Cages.jpeg
Sudnika Z-Tony with his friend Sleek-BOP.jpg
Luisa Manea - award.jpg
Kylie Burke.jpg
Andrea Allumay.jpg
Mark Cochrane - award.jpg
Marita D'arcy.jpg
Jacky Elms.jpg
Zita - award.jpg

75th Cairns Art Society Annual Art Awards 2023

Cairns Art Society's flagship annual event  have been a great success, thanks to the many artists who entered, the judges,  the sponsors and the exhibition partner, the Cairns Art GalleryThe award winners are:

Ron & Marion Ireland Open Award for Best in Show

Winner:     Carole King - Wooroolin Wetland


Michael Healy MP Award for Best Acrylic Painting:

Winner: Jacky Elms - Wall of cages                           

Highly Commended:  Christine Young- Great Egret in Flight;

                                       Vicki Williams - Crystal Cascades;

                                      Jeanette Sellwood - This Moment


Halpin Partners Award for Best Oil Painting:

Winner: Zita Sudnika - Tony and his friend “Sleek”        

Highly Commended:   Jori Poutanen - Golden Morning

                                         Mikyung Coates – Sunlight (Hope)


Omni Builders Award for Best Mixed Media Painting:

Winner: Marita D’Arcy -  Shreejal         

Highly Commended:     Rose Knight - Tinaroo Dusk

                                          Carole King - Wooroolin Wetland

Cairns Hardware Award for Best Sculpture:

Winner: Sam Matthews - Pocket 12 “Quiet”                    

Highly commended: Luisa Manea - Aphrodite Exposed


Cairns Art Society Award for Best Drawing:

Winner:  Joanne Bingham - Draught Horse                    

Highly commended:    = Lyn Bartolo - Soulmates


Cairns Art Society Award for Best Watercolour:

Winner:  Joanne Bingham - A Comfortable Perch           

Highly commended:  Delia Gilligan - Ella


Cairns Art Society Award for Best Print, including Digital:

Winner:  Mark Cochrane - Kangaroo Mob                        

Highly commended:   Buck Richardson - Moths in Mosteroscope


Unpackers Choice:

Carole King – Wooroolin Wetland


Highscan People’s Choice:  Winner: Jori Poutanen - Golden Morning


   Vicki Williams - Crystal Cascades                                   Mark Cochrane - Shadow                                   Rose Knight - Forest King

   Phil  Rooney - Living with Danger                                   Rose Knight - She Builds                                     Carole King - Wooroolin Wetland

   Zita Sudnika - Tany and his friend "Sleek"                      Lyn Bartolo - Hitchin' a Ride                               Christine Young - Great Egret in Flight

   Didi la Baysse - Nature's Beauties, where Daintree River meets Coral Sea

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