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Vickie Williams

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The joy of painting only came into my life five years ago. Being a complete novice I went to a local group on the Sunshine Coast for some lessons on the basics and watched many utube videos (how generous these artists are sharing their knowledge). So basically I am self taught. I have tried other mediums and dabbled in abstracts, but my preference is for photorealism acrylic on canvas.


The inspiration for my work comes from nature. Every aspect of nature both thrills and dismays me, as does the plight of the planet. However, I focus on the beauty of our natural environment and here in Cairns we have that in abundance.  All animals are special – be they farmed, companion or wildlife, and in my paintings my aim is to give my utmost respect to the uniqueness and beauty of that creature.

I feel privileged to be gifted enough to produce the works that I do. I do hope that others may enjoy my paintings.

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