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Judy Noller

I live in Cairns but grew up near Malanda, and my enduring affection for that area's temperate landscapes is often reflected in my work.

I paint in acrylics mainly, across all sorts of topics, realistic and abstract. I mostly use traditional subjects like landscapes and houses, but like to experiment with techniques to achieve these so I don't have a particular style.  My love of lime green is obvious though...... 

My favourite medium is actually watercolour which I enjoy for its lustrous colour, subtly and unpredictable results.  In recent years I have adapted watercolour techniques to painting on silk - as paintings, scarves and cushion covers. I work with a small group of silk artists who meet weekly at Artists@work, and we are constantly trying to push the boundaries of this traditional style of painting,

I also make cards, mainly prints, watercolour and silk, as well as jewellery. 

My work is on sale at the Artists@work Studio & Gallery.

Judy Noller

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