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Lisa Costa – Sculptor/Mixed Media/Random Items


Lisa Costa – Sculptor/Mixed Media/Random Items



Lisa Costa is a sculptor/mixed media originally from the Atherton Tablelands.  After many years living in Europe Lisa returned home and to her love of art and sculpture.




​A builder and construction designer during work hours Lisa has found inspiration in the materials and forms she works with on a daily basis.

This piece was an experiment in 3d form using cable ties and has been described by viewers as coral, urchin, crown of thorns, alien although her husband named it ‘Mould”

It can be removed from the backing board and displayed upon walls or floors.  Lighting across the form creates beautiful shadows echoing the spikes of the form across the surface it sits upon and gives the entire form another dimension. The form holds its own shape without support.

Lisa's work can be seen at the CAS Gallery at DFO, DFO Shopping Centre, Westcourt.

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