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Janiel Hsieh

Artist | Surface Pattern Designer | Nurse


Hi there! My name is Janiel, and I'm a self taught artist.

My main body of work is watercolor/gouache floral paintings and repeat patterns. I predominantly design and create art for commercial licensing such as stationary, home decor, wallpaper, fabrics, etc. In general my painting style is loose-abstract-ish, not so much of realistic illustrations.


I was born and raised in Taiwan, and in my childhood I always enjoyed drawing, painting and making art. 

Then I migrated to Australia in 2016 to pursue a life that I longed for. — And I made it. It wasn’t until 2017 that I picked up my paint brush again. As a nurse I work part time and nurture my artistic inner child in my spare time. There’s something captivating in painting and creating, y’know?

I would like to shine, for God gifted me this talent that I’m very much grateful for. It is a great joy for me seeing my art brighten up people’s daily life. 


I also build websites and become fluent with it. I built my own website for my art - check it out !

Being creative and lifelong learning pretty much sum up myself I guess. 

Life is short and sweet. I want to make the best of it in this journey.


Come follow me on Instagram if you like -

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