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Stephanie Jackson

I have had a passion for art for many years and have had moderate success in the sale of my paintings.  I love the feel and texture paint has on the canvas; to me it comes alive and as I immerse myself, I can happily forget what is going on around me. I primarily use acrylics, pastel, impasto and other items that create another element or depth to a piece I may be working on.

I am originally from Perth, however, have lived in Cairns with my beloved family for the past 30 years. I have studied art for many years and I am particularly fond of Jackson Pollock – I love the mystery and evocative emotions of where his paintings can take you. I also love the colour and quirkiness of Pablo Picasso and Kandinsky.

Painting gives me great joy and often releases pent up raw emotions which I have found can often serve as creative inspiration.  Getting my hands dirty and feeling the paint running through my fingers as it covers a canvas can be cathartic. A lot of my work has been based upon the use of very bold colours, undefined shapes and impressions.

Most importantly, I just love making art!


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