Sheran Barton

Originally from England, Sheran has spent the past fifteen years living in tropical Cairns, finding inspiration in the unique natural and urban landscapes here. She has exhibited in annual exhibitions since she was a teenager, and has a background in graphic design.

During the completion of a double major degree (Fine Art and Visual Culture) from Curtin University, Sheran had the opportunity to experiment with a variety of media and techniques, but always seems to turn back to acrylic painting.

With a particular interest in painting people, she enjoys mixing realism and abstraction.

More recently, painting in black and white, and employing a developed methodology, she has studied the function of memory in our lives, inspired in part, by today's culture of reminiscence and preoccupation with photography.

Currently, Sheran is part of the Artists@Work artists’ collective where she holds classes, and her work is displayed.

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