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March 2022


Johann Montet  


Born in Geneva, Switzerland, I have been calling Port Douglas home since the late nineties. I always loved photography from the film days and started in earnest in my twenties with underwater photography but it is not until 4 years ago that I decided to take landscape photography to a professional level. I hold a bachelor degree in physical education and have worked many years as a diving instructor/lifeguard/emergency medical technician on the Great Barrier Reef.


I primarily take inspiration from the stunning and diverse scenery of our beautiful region of Far North Queensland.


The result is a collection of unique and arresting landscape photographic artworks many of which have found a home in Australia or overseas.


I believe that photography as an art form has to offer more than an exact representation of the subject and should impart an emotional response to the viewer.

The colours and tonality of an image play a critical role in conveying those feelings.


I use mostly long exposure photography, whether static or in motion, to create pieces that often blur the line between photography and painting.


Through various movements, lenses and exposure time, I virtually paint light on the sensor until I achieve the desired result. This is an exploratory process and thanks to the feedback loop made possible by the new digital cameras, I can over the course of many exposures get closer to what I am after.


The style of photography I use makes it virtually impossible to recreate the scene later on, making each piece unique.


I particularly like the way long exposure photography in its many forms can imbue energy, movement and add a third dimension to what is inherently a 2 dimensional medium.

You can see some of my works at Artist@Work gallery Cairns as well as meet me in person at the Port Douglas Sunday Markets.



Artists@Work Cairns

Artists of the North 2022 (Tanks Arts Centre)



William Turner, Alberto Giacometti, Salvatore Dali, Van Gogh, Claude Monet…

Do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions regarding my artworks:

Phone: 0432 452 725



Instagram: www.instagram/johannmontet


Twitter: www.twitter/JohannMontet

Montet - Enter Night CAS.jpg
Montet - Profile Pic.jpg
Montet - Royal Gem CAS.jpg
Johann Mythos CAS.jpg
Johann - Downpour CAS.jpg
Montet - Mystic Light CAS.jpg


Royal Gem

Enter Night


Mystic Light

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