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Jay Hayward - Photography and digital Artwork


Photography allows me to express my passion for nature and the world we live in.  

I was born in England but grew up in Australia. My family immigrated to Australia in the early 1970’s.   

I have lived in many places across Australia but have called Cairns home for over a decade. I love getting out and exploring the abundance of natural riches that makes up Far North Queensland.  

My natural creative flair for the digital arts, helps me create memorable artwork from my photographs.  

The biggest influence on my photography was David Attenborough. As a kid growing up he was one of my hero’s and I would watch all his documentaries about nature and the world we live in with awe. I believe that animals have souls and I like to bring that out in my photos. 

My canvas is the natural wonders around us. It’s like I am in another world when I am out on field trips and nothing else exists. My heart starts racing and I get such a rush when I capture a memorable moment. 

My hope is that you get as much enjoyment from my Artwork as I did in taking the photos and creating them into pieces of artwork.

Web Site -

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Email - Jay@deepreflectionimagery

Phone - 0417920873




DFO Art Gallery

Cairns Art Society Annual Exhibition 2020

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