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Winter School in the Tropics
Tanks Arts Centre, Edge Hill, Cairns
18 June – 22 June 2018

Cairns ARTescape, proudly in our thirteenth year, offers a five day program of oncentrated workshops, endorsing sound fundamental techniques whilst ncouraging freedom of expression to instigate challenges and build upon your individual artistic style. ARTescape offers some of Australia’s leading tutors, all highly esteemed in their respective fields. Representational, contemporary and abstract modes will cater to all levels of experience, in a variety of mediums and diverse range of subjects.
Nestled at the foot of Mt Whitfield Conservation Park, adjoining the Botanic Gardens and Centenary Lakes, and incorporating the Visitor Centre, the Tanks Arts Precinct is a unique venue, its location lending itself to tranquillity and inspiration. Former World War II fuel storage tanks used by the Royal Australian Navy, the Cairns Regional Council restored the Tanks in 1991 , transforming them into a space for visual and performing arts.
In 2006, the entire area was placed on the State Heritage Register.
Since the Cairns Art Society was founded in 1931, members have been committed to fostering an appreciation of art and promoting art education. Due to the disadvantages of distance and limited access to professional visual arts training, CAS is pleased to present ARTescape to Far North Queensland as a platform to develop skills, explore new creative ideas, boost tourism and forge an arts community identity.
CAS is a non-profit organisation with ARTescape led by a team of volunteers.
We will do our very best to ensure your attendance at our 13th Cairns ARTescape is a memorable experience. Immerse yourself in art, meet likeminded people, escape the cold and most of all have fun in the Tropics.

ARTescape 2015 Cairns art society Winter School in the Tropics
Note: Early Bird price only applies
if Paid In Full by 18th April 2018

Full week courses

ARTescape 2018 full brochure here (1.5mb)
includes material lists.

Jane Blundell
Watercolour Boot Camp
Serious Beginners to Advanced

Stephen Cassettari
Chinese Brush painting - water colours, ink,paper
Beginner to Advanced

Denis Clarke
The Line in the Jungle
Mixed Media
Beginner to Advanced
Marcel Desbiens
Reflections & Transparency of Water
Beg to Advanced (basic oil skills)
Peter Griffen
Abstractions - Still life and the figure
Intermediate to Advanced
Cherry Hood
Watercolour Portraiture
Beginner to Advanced
Fu Hong
Nudes and Portraits
Intermediate to Advanced
Richard Klekociuk
Colour, Texture and Shape in the Tropics
Colour pencils, oil pastels
Beginner to Advanced
Karen Oberg
Everything Water in Watercolour
Beginners to Intermediate
Charlotte Thodey
Still Life Painting
Beginner to Inermediate
Theo Tremblay
Etching Print Folio Project
Beginner to Advanced

Samuel Moffat
Underwater Wonders
Beginner to Advanced

Donald Waters
Embracing the Unknown
Beginner to Advanced

Two and One Day Courses

Jeni Bullock
Charcoal on Canvas
Beginner to Advanced - Monday and Tuesday
Rose Rigley
Artist Book Construction - Mixed Media
Wednesday and Thursday
Pam Kusabs
Simply Beautiful Botanical Sculpture
Beginner to Advanced - Friday


Jeni Bullock - Charcoal

Rose Rigley - Book Construction

Pam Kusabs - Sculpture


ARTescape 2018 full brochure here (1.5mb)
includes material lists.



ARTescape 2015 Cairns art society Winter School in the Tropics
Note: Early Bird price only applies
if Paid In Full by 18th April 2018


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Jane Blundell - Water colour

Stephen Cassettari - Chinese Brush

Denis Clarke - Mixed Media

Marcel Desbiens - Oils

Peter Griffin - Acrylic

Cherry Hood - Watercolour

Fu Hong - Oils

Richard Klekociuk - Colour Pencils

Karen Oberg - Watercolour

Theo Tremblay - Printmaking

Samuel Moffat - Acrylic

Donald Waters - Acrylic Charcoals